If you’re not familiar with Marques Brownlee, it’s time to start learning up. He runs a successful Youtube channel, MKBHD, where he reviews tech and gives thoughtful and concise reviews on products. He’ll let you know about all of his tools and pull no punches in explaining how things function when it comes to the tools he reviews or uses himself. You’ll note the clarity and quality of his content; he knows his stuff.

In today’s world of quickly generated media, if you want to get traction with a new channel, the quick production of videos and the use of quality gear is absolutely vital to satisfy today’s viewer and produce content that worth sticking around and viewing all of. If you want to learn all about what kind of starting tools you need to get people excited about your channel then Brownlee’s latest “Youtube Gear” series is not to be missed.

In this first upload of the series he reviews a black version of the Blue Yeti Microphone (buy it here), a classic staple in the Youtube recording community. He will surely be following up with suggestions on the computer and camera that would be best suited for a beginner Youtuber.

Don’t miss this video or his following uploads in this series where he will be filling in the masses on just what they should purchase to get their Youtube channels off the ground.