Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 may have been removed from XBL and PSN in the purge of Marvel titles, but the game still has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. A while ago it was discovered that you could save the same character 3 times in the saved teams menu thanks to a game save hack that can be found on Eventhubs or in the spoiler below.

Pen7Ninja put together a few fun team combos in a new video featuring that hack (which can technically be used online), but he also did something that no one else had thought of. He made a team with Galactus, the playable boss character. The end results are laughably ridiculous. Take a look at the video below (Galactus at 1:50):

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 save hacking guide for the use of multiple of the same character on one team

First, things you’ll need:

A USB drive formatted to FAT32 and compatible with an Xbox 360.
A Hex Editor, preferably HxD: http://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/
Horizon, an Xbox 360 Save Editor: https://mega.co.nz/#!5xAGFTLZ!J5_QekJIMVfX5gADByrvB7Hq7yWUOV9dCEwWibiWY7Y
UMVC3 Save Editor: https://mega.co.nz/#!ZlYRFa6A!81ESdEtwBuDUjbM5GzwhxSQEQfQoYGtsxNlgsFe6jpY

Step 1: Insert USB stick into Xbox 360. Create new Marvel 3 save data on this USB stick OR transfer/copy existing save data over. Save data is tied to account so if you want this to be on a separate account, create a new account and sign into it when creating the save data (preferably on the USB stick so you can take your shitty teams anywhere!)

Step 2: Open your license card and create 3 pre-set teams. Make the first 2 characters Ryu and Morrigan, and the third characters will be whatever characters you want to find the “hex value” for. Just choose the first assist because you can change it in-game later. Exit the license screen and wait for the Xbox 360 to finish saving.

Step 3: After the data is saved, plug USB stick into your computer. Open Horizon with the USB stick plugged in and open the Device Explorer. Navigate to the “Games” folder in your USB device, expand “U. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3”, right click “SAVE DATA” and Extract the “game0” file somewhere on your harddrive.

Step 4: Open the “game0” file that was extracted with HxD. In HxD, you want to Ctrl+F and search for the hex value “01 00 00 00 0F.” “01” in this case is Ryu, and “0F” is Morrigan. These codes correspond to the pre-set teams on your license. There should be 3 sets of these hex values, corresponding to the 3 pre-set teams, each with Ryu and Morrigan in the first two slots. The third value will represent whichever character you put in third. Because I’m lazy, I didn’t figure out all the values for all of the characters. Replace any of the values with the values of the characters you want on those teams, being careful not to change anything else except the 9 2-digit values that correspond to characters. Save the file with HxD.

Step 5: Open the “game0” file with the UMVC3 Save Editor, then save it. This fixes the file becoming corrupt if you attempt to use it as-is.

Step 6: In Horizon again, open the Device Explorer, expand the “Games” folder, expand “U. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3” right click “SAVE DATA” and choose “Inject File.” Navigate to the edited save file and inject it, choosing to overwrite the existing save data.

Step 7: Plug USB drive into Xbox 360.

Sources: Eventhubs, Eventhubs 2, Pen7Ninja