Dead-Trigger-2-logo Nothing in the world is more satisfying than knowing that you can play a game at home, and pick it up later on the road. This idea is a large part of the recent success that drives King’s Candy Crush title to rule both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Now imagine that your favorite zombie killing FPS could be taken anywhere you like – Dead Trigger 2 is that FPS.

From developer Mad Finger Games, the creators of some of the most beautiful shooters on Android and iOS, Dead Trigger 2 has taken the mobile gaming world by storm, both critically and conventionally as the premiere zombie destruction blaster on the market. Now on Facebook, users can pick up where they left off on either platform in all it’s glory, racking up headshots, cash, and completing missions to your hearts content – without the commitment of the traditional FPS.


Built on the “freemium” model, Dead Trigger 2 is free to download and includes over 600 levels to blast your way through. Though it isn’t particularly difficult, Dead Trigger 2 will assuredly break up a slow day, and can be played through without having to invest a penny. Check out Dead Trigger 2 on Facebook, iOS, or Android today – just try not to pretend that zombie is your boss.