With their first even venture into Sony’s long held cross-buy territory, Nintendo will now allow for those who own a 3DS and Nintendo’s Wii U to buy select titles on both platforms with just one purchase.

If you are a registered Nintendo Network user, and have signed in with the same ID on your 3DS as you have your Wii U, and you live in Europe, you may now purchase the first ever title on their cross-buy program with Squids Odyssey. Given a special restriction beyond the European restriction, those who plan on buying the first ever cross-buy title must keep in mind that only buying Squids Odyssey on the 3DS platform FIRST will allow you to download it on the Wii U for free. Inexplicably, the process will not work in the same order, but it’s a great direction for Nintendo and progress that the consumer can enjoy.

Nintendo hasn’t launched the cross-buy system as a permanent direction officially, so this may be a one-off, but we can surely hope for more deals like Squids Odyssey has in the future. Squids Odyssey is currently available on the 3DS eShop, but remember this promotion is currently only available in Europe.