Having fought on a live stream in front of fans and Guinness World Records, Xbox LIVE user Stallion83 has extended his record of the “highest gamerscore” record by a milestone number today.


Clocking in at the 1,000,000 gamerscore mark, Ray Cox IV [Stallion83] officially set this milestone today with proof in the picture as can now be seen on his Xbox LIVE profile. As a ridiculous and amazing achievement, Ray set his millionth gamerscore point straight on, earning the milestone on Titanfall for Xbox One live on Twitch.TV

As if setting the milestone wasn’t enough, half of Mr. Cox’ gamerscore has been earned within the last 3 years, as Ray reached the amazing mark of 500,000 gamerscore to set the original mark for the Guinness record book on Wallace and Grommit back in 2010. Where then Mr. Cox set himself with the goal of reaching this 1,000,000 score, he wasn’t alone in his efforts – he had his father’s full support. Posted on Twitter this evening, just after smashing the million point goal, Ray showed an image of legal paper where his father has been keeping track of his progress since his initial Guiness mark.


Congratulations Stallion83, you’re my hero!