EA has made a dramatic change to the Origin game distribution service in the past few weeks in a swing to take Steam fans away from the more dominant PC service.

With the addition of Electronic Arts’ new feature, Origin is competing for gamers’ hearts with free titles and free trials in a new, dynamic system – try it on your time. With the advent of Steam’s “Free Weekend” program, Steam fans have enjoyed many free trials in which they can play titles such as the Call of Duty franchise for a weekend playing spree on the house. Origin however, is posting a direct counter to Steam in a two-day trial that you can start when you like and play as much as you will for 48 hours from the initial launch.

As the timer for the new program out of Origin doesn’t begin until you launch the title for the first time, players can enjoy Titanfall right now through Origin for a trial when they have the time – great for gamers who work on the weekend, or happen to be busy that Friday through Sunday. EA isn’t stopping with a tweak on Steam’s free trial service of course, as the company has also recently launched a new “On the House” program where Dead Space, Peggle and Plants vs Zombies have launched as permanently free titles simply for having installed and used the client.

Origin is coming out swinging this year, but with Steam once again launching the Summer Sale, can they scale their way up the mountain?