I know this game looks very rough but with only 11 guys working on it even after their Kickstarter did not pull through. You can truly see the sheer determination that this team has to build that once again great MMORPG. I wish them all the best of luck and we will continue to keep you posted as new improvements pop up.

“Forged in the astronomical planar collisions of a dead universe, Terminus is a world of many worlds; each ripped from one of many realities and brought here to form a dramatically diverse landscape.”

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“In the wake of their cataclysmic arrival, empires of Humans, Elves, Dwarves and others came to rise and build new civilizations within the new world.”


“But not only did mortals come to be abducted and trapped upon this new world, but so too did their deities and demigods, ripped from their planes and forced to create new pantheons on Terminus. Cutoff from their planes and starved for power, they came to vie for followers an act that has helped create the turbulent political landscape of Terminus.”


“After centuries of war and alliances, the planar collisions have returned once again, bringing with them legendary figures, heroes of the existing pantheons that were once lost. With newfound abilities to harness arcane forces, these ‘fallen heroes’ have risen to reclaim lost powers and explore the many mysteries of Terminus.” -Source: www.pantheonrotf.com