Today Microsoft released a hands on video about the design and features of the all new Xbox One controller. It offers up a good view of the internals and offers up some insights into some of the design changes. With that being said, here are some key features that I think you should take note of:

Rumble Triggers


In addition to the current rumble motors that you would find in the Xbox 360 control, Microsoft has added two small motors to the triggers (one in each). This is done in an effort to increase the haptic feedback for the player. With the now 4 rumble motors Microsoft is able to give better direction to feedback. The player will be able to feel or distinguish left, right, forward, back, etc. The example given in the video is the ability to “feel” the empty chamber of your gun. This is an interesting feature that I myself never really thought much about.

Redesigned D-Pad


A common complaint about the original d-pad on the 360 controller was that the disk design made the directional inputs both inaccurate and unreliable. Particularly in the fighting game scene, players that used pads instead of arcade sticks had nothing but trouble with d-pad since fighting games require strict directional inputs in order to perform moves and compete at a professional level. Microsoft later released a controller with an all new transitioning d-pad that helped a lot, but still had its own flaws (I personally broke mine and ended up super-gluing it back on). As you can see above though, the “disk” d-pad is gone and the pivot point has been moved up for “nimble actions”. An all new switch has been incorporated as well, so let’s hope this becomes a blessing those relying on the d-pad.

Wireless + Wired


One of the things lacking in the 360 controller was that if you had the wireless controller, it would be communicating wirelessly all the time even if you have it plugged in with the play-and-charge cable (you could bypass this by taking the battery out and using the play-and-charge cable though). As a side effect, you could not use a wireless controller on your computer without jumping through a bunch of hoops and purchasing additional hardware. Wired controllers could be used on the computer and have a more reliable data connection to the Xbox. With the Xbox One controller, they are changing their model in favor of how the current PlayStation 3 controllers operate. When it’s plugged in through the wire, it uses the wired connection exclusively. In theory, this should allow you to use the standard controller on your PC as well since it would be limiting it’s data to the cable.

Extra Grip


This is simple and genius. Microsoft has added extra texture and grip to the thumbsticks. I myself can get some pretty sweaty hands when playing for hours or playing intensely. I have, on occasion, had my thumbs slip off the thumbsticks because they were just too smooth. These new thumbsticks should add a deal of precision to your movements and aim.

Those are the features that I think you should really note from this video. There was also mention that the ABXY buttons were moved together slightly and became more responsive. That should allow for quicker reactions and might be a little bit more ergonomic.

In any case, be sure to check out the full video below.

Source: Xbox Youtube