Robot Entertainment is back with a new offering in the epic game series of Orcs Must Die! but this time, you’re not alone, this time, you’ll have 10 of the currently announced heroes at your disposal and an even larger area you’ll need to defend against the hordes of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and even BEARS headed your way! That’s right more heroes, more enemies, more traps, more space, and did I mention BEARS? Let’s dig into what you have coming your way


First off, let’s get the jest of the game down for those of you who have never played the game before. Orcs Must Die! (OMD) is what most would call a 3rd person shooter tower defense game at its heart, but instead of using towers, the game uses something a little different; Traps. Orcs Must Die! is set in a fortress where you, originally a character called The Apprentice or War Mage and later on getting the name of Maximillian, were tasked with protecting the almighty magical portal from the horde of Orcs and their allies that want the portals power. In order to do what you’ve been tasked to do, you’ll need to use the traps which are set by you the player all over the allowed areas of a map, you’ll also use all of the weapons, spells, and abilities of your chosen hero. The cost of a trap is a set amount of currency that is acquired by shooting, squishing, launching, incinerating, blowing up, all the horde of attacking Orcs and their allies and comes to you very quickly which makes the game very fast paced and a lot of fun as the game is set in an extremely over the top and hilarious tone. One of the things a lot of people were asking for was the inclusion of multi-player, whether it be co-op or PVP, the game screamed for it, and the people were heard.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained plays in the same classic way most of us know and love, but this time, you’re no longer alone. Aside from the normal game mode of setting traps which are all now equipped via an all new extensive card/deck type system (this goes for your minions, weapons and items as well) and defending your fortress from the horde of Orcs and everything being thrown at you, you can now do it in a co-op mode called survival which will pit you against an endless amount of hordes, or a PVP mode called Siege via a 5v5 game setup. The maps are now a lot bigger and consist of all new ways to get into your fortress but will ultimately boil down to a three lane system seen in quite a few MOBA’s, think of it like Smite or Gigantic . In these new modes your tasked with, ironically, doing what the Orcs wanted all along, to take out your enemy portal and destroy anything that gets in your way.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained hasn’t any release date set in stone but it is slated for 2016 with a PC, PS4 release, and is currently in a closed beta which you can sign up for HERE. Keep it locked here for more Orcs Must Die! Unchained news as it happens and keep an eye out on our Streams page for streams of the closed beta and any of the other games being streamed as well!