Sony secured exclusive rights for the Ultra Street Fighter IV and it’s upcoming sequel Street Fighter V on their next-gen console, but it looks like their quality control department never actually picked up the game. The new port of USF4 launched on the PS4 yesterday and players immediately noticed bugs that ranged from hilarious to unplayable. Sure it might be fun when your character’s movement sounds have been replaced with the screech of a hawk…

Or how about a train?

Yes their movement sounds were triggering background stage sounds which can get annoying after a while, but that’s not game breaking right? How about not being able to see your projectiles?

Or maybe having your characters stuck on one frame during a match…

Those quickly move from annoying to, “what the hell were they thinking?” How can this type of material get released in today’s marketplace? There was an extreme lack of oversight when it came to testing the product before it was released.

Even stranger though, there are extreme slow downs in menu transitions that make absolutely no sense for the raw power available in next-gen consoles.

These slow down’s may also extend to some of the cast’s abilities like Decapre’s teleport being excessively slow.

Capcom is a proactive company with great involvement and support in their community and we know that they will work around the clock to get this version of Street Fighter patched and updated. That still doesn’t explain why or how they could consider releasing a game in this state. They could have been rushed and hit a hard deadline, but why didn’t this game get a real review for quality assurance?

What is worse is that the largest Fighting Game tournament in the world decided to go with USF4 on PS4 before it was even released which encouraged competitors to buy the game to get familiar with it before the actual tournament.

We can’t let developers and publishers think that it is “ok” to continually release unfinished products. We have voice our opinions AND speak with our wallets. Do not buy USF4 for PS4 until all of these issues are resolved.