While overall total play time for mobile gaming is on the rise, that rise is significantly less than projected this time last year. Growth in gaming time spent on mobile handsets is now half that of last year’s growth, and is one of the weakest growth rates in mobile as the 2015 year gets into full swing.

As reported by the Yahoo-owned organization “Flurry“, mobile games usage grew 30% in 2014 over the 2013 year, staggering in weaker than 8 other sectors on the mobile platform that is dominated by smart phones. Stifling the growth of mobile gaming, users of smart devices in 2014 were focused on lifestyle apps and shopping, as smart devices are becoming more commonplace and less for the cutting-edge. While those on the cutting edge are still more likely to use a mobile browser to buy their products, both a rise in dedicated apps like the Ebay app for shopping and lifestyle apps such as MyFitnessPal applications changed the impact of mobile last year.

Growth in all entertainment markets on mobile slowed last year in fact, including music, movies and news media, leading Flurry to conclude that personal productivity is at the forefront of our mobile mind these days, not entertainment. Here are the biggest mobile movers in the 2014 year, as charted by Flurry Analytics:


Certainly a loss of growth doesn’t spell the end of the mobile gaming world, but it’s true that the sector is falling. We can’t remember the last mobile game that changed the world, can you? Discuss in the comments below and let us know if you love a mobile game right now.