What Should Be The Future of Space Shooters!

The folks at Born Ready Studios have given us something that we haven’t seen since the 1990’s, an epic, fun, well thought out space shooter. Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is a game that not only melds the genre’s of Space Simulator and Arcade shooter together flawlessly, but it makes with the fun and will have you foaming at the mouth for more space explosions than you’ll know what to do with! Originally the game released and had quite a bit of bugs and glitches that prevented a large number of people from playing, but with a lot patches and TLC they finally pulled it together to a playable state. After the rough release, Born Ready decided that they we’re going to re-release the game with a graphics overhaul, including HD, along with all the patches, updates, and even an additional prequel of the story via an add-on (for free).  Amazing gameplay and excellent campaign story will have you engrossed in the game till the very end, and with the aforementioned add-on Heroes of the Fleet, you’ll delve deeper into the back story of the game with an additional five missions telling the grueling battles that previous heroes had to endeavor before your grand entrance into the fold.


Strike Suit Zero takes place in 2299 where there is a civil war going on between the human race. The storys actually quite typical as far as base plot goes, but it does do a lot of things right in it’s telling that makes up for that. Throughout your thirteen mission storyline rendered in amazing graphics and stunning background art, you’ll grow as the U.N.E. pilot Adams who has a mysterious past and as you progress through the story, you kind of figure it out by the end when all is revealed if you haven’t already. The other characters individual stories are told in the same fashion and lack a huge amount of depth, but the overall story of the epic conflict is well told in the sense that you actually want to do good as the Earths very survival lays in the balance, and through every victory, your that much closer to saving the planet. Unfortunately the only thing that really bugged me about the bad guys, is that other than your NPC superiors telling you they’re bad, they don’t really do anything in game that reinforces this notion, other than they are on the other side of the battlefield which falls under the typical base plot. Evil is a point of view…as it were.


Now the gameplay in Strike Suit Zero is absolutely amazing and a lot of fun. the game is done in a 3rd person view (or first person if space sim is what your after) and is twitch based like a FPS. Veterans of the old school 90’s space shooters will feel right at home with its fast and often pinpoint turn arcade playstyle that will have your heart racing with a quickness. If you’ve never played anything like a space shooter before, fear not as the tutorial missions are new player friendly and actually do a very good job of transitioning you from training to the fast paced gameplay you’ll grow accustom to rather quickly. The main ship in the game is called the Strike Suit (Designed by none other than the man you brought you the epic look of Appleseed: EX Machina and Steel Battalion) it’s a fighter ship with your typical fighter ship weapons load-outs such as blasters and missiles that you can change and upgrade as you progress in the game. There are also unlockable upgrades that will have you replaying levels just to get them onto your ship…and so you can blow stuff up in droves again. The Strike Suit has the unique feature that transitions into a mech-like mode that has its own set of weapons that change up the gameplay on the fly. You’ll use this mode to not only to take out entire squads of enemy fighters and enemy ships missiles/torpedoes volleys as they go screaming towards your capital ships, but you’ll also use this to take out the giant enemy capitol ships via strafing runs, main systems, and weak spots that all the bigger ships have. Every enemy ship that’s larger than the fighter class has specific targetable systems that you can take out to weaken and ultimately destroy. I appreciated this a lot as it helps break the game away from your typical space shooter that has you just fly in guns blazing and having shooting anywhere to destroy it. Fast twitch based attacks on these key points of the larger ships will have you flying in at booster mashing speeds and quickly changing into your strike mode to strafe attacking the entire side of the larger ship, taking out guns and those key points to seal their fates just as fast as you switch back to fighter mode and speed away to the other side for round two.


The only real quick gripe I have is that there is no Multi-Player. This game would be huge if you could decimate your enemies with your friends in co-op, or even in PVP, I would still play it like that and i’m bad at PVP. Overall Strike Suit Zero Director’s Cut was very enjoyable and so well put together that coupled with its low price (currently selling on Steam for only $20) This will be the game that most will set as the example of what an epic space shooter should be, and rightfully so.  Strike Suit Zeros high replay value steams from the unlockable ships, weapon upgrades, different possible endings as per your actions in game, and mass amount of space explosions, as well as having you going back to old missions with the new ship you just unlocked just so you can see it in action. You’ll do this more and more after every mission by the end of the game and that’s OK…space explosions and blazing blaster cannons are awesome!