The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s latest attempt at an overarching action universe playing in the current favorite backdrops: zombies. Well…kinda sorta.

Where as games like Left 4 Dead or Dead Island focus on the endless hordes of the undead wanting to eat your face, Last of Us takes an almost Walking Dead type of focus on the bit that most people who write/create the wave after of wave of knock of zombie drivel: the characters. What a quaint idea, no?

“Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s make people care about the people they’re playing as as opposed to just a faceless husk?”

“No, we can’t possibly do that! What about engaging the player? How can you possibly do that without making them the character?”

“Well…we could write a good story that makes the player think.”

“Poppycock! Quick, it’s time to redo the next sports game!”

Sorry for the tangent. Anyway, Last of Us has story in spades, leading the player as Joel through a maze of plot twists and heel turns as fights to survive in a world overrun by creatures that have been taken over by the cordyceps fungus that have turned those infected into zombie-like creatures. Like I said, kinda sorta.

Traversing this post-apocalyptic hellscape alongside your plucky little female sidekick, now standard equipment in zombie games apparently, you punch, stab, slash, smash, shoot, brick, and kaboom your way through the world in hopes to find a cure for the plague that has been ravaging this world for twenty years. Yes, you read that right, this game takes place twenty years after the initial outbreak. What’s that? Backstory and history? Wait…no…focus…

The graphics were great, which is to be expected from Naughty Dog. The controls left a little be desired though, which is also something I have learned to expect from them. Many a time I had planned to duck behind cover just to find myself performing an action roll into the middle of a horde of Tickers more than willing to seperate my esophagus from my body. The replay value is certainly high, especially if you are the masochistic(define) type that needs to platinum everything. If you haven’t given this a shot and you own a PS3, you’re just doing it wrong. Also, Tickers suck. Seriously.

Additional: This review does not include the multiplayer in the overall score because I don’t game well with others.