Twenty-two years ago A Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past came out. One of the best Zelda games and still a long standing favorite of mine to this day. When I heard A Link Between Worlds was coming out and watched the trailer I was insulted from the start to finish. Showcasing being able to become a painting and merging with the wall to move around the world was just not right with me.
The day the game came out I ended up giving in and buying the Zelda 3DS to play it, being a die hard Zelda fan. From start to finish the game had me hooked. I could not put it down till I finished every quest, heart piece, dungeon, and lost maiamais. The new mechanic of renting your items is a little off putting at the start of the game and does not seem right, until you get to the point where you are able to solve any of the dungeons in multiple ways. Turning into a painting adds a lot more puzzle to getting to the bosses, overworld secrets, and all the chests. The “Dark World” is amazing and has most of the locations from the Dark World of the original and same for Hyrule with only one or two changes.
Right from the start of the first dungeon you are able to go to your house to meet with Ravio. He will loan you the Hero Bow. After you finish the dungeon all the other items become available to rent from him. When you die his little bird will come in and take all the items you have rented from him back so you either have to try without them or go rent them again. A lot of items return in the game like the bow, bottles, hookshot, and bombs. Even with those items returning there are a couple new ones the sand rod that lets you make pillars of sand, and the tornado rod that spins you in the air and stuns enemies around you. Once all the pendants are collected you can start buying the items. After you buy them you can go to the Maiamai Mother and every ten you collect she will upgrade your items, not needed but some of the upgrades come in handy.
Overall A Link Between Worlds is an amazing squeal to A Link to the Past. It stands up to all of the other Zelda games with its amazing story, elaborate dungeons, music, and side quests. Sadly the game is not that long and finding all the hidden items are pretty simple to find, still the game was a lot of fun to play and hero mode adds the challenge to the game. I would recommend this game to any new player to Zelda to all the die hard Zelda fans that know the stories inside and out.