Building on the tremendous success of the series, Skylanders will be taking pages from Disney Infinity and Pokemon for the next iteration of the series, Skylanders: Trap Team.

Given a series of new characters, along with old favorites, Skylanders: Trap Team will host 50 new conventional Skylander action figures, as well as allowing players to trap in-game monsters inside element-specific power crystals. During your adventures in Trap Team you will no longer be restricted to only one Skylander type in your portal at once as trapping any monster in the world will allow you to use that monster at your disposal – so long as it remains in your crystal.

Catching a new Skylander in Trap Team is a thing of beauty. Given the opportunity, players who defeat Skylanders in combat can have fun with the two outstanding features of Skylanders: Trap Team that really immerse players between both the physical world and the digital. After fighting against another Skylander, players can now plug one element-compatible plastic crystal into the Portal of Power in their home to bring a swirling vortex that sucks up the enemy Skylander with an amazing audio-visual show. As we hear the monster get pulled from your TV down to the crystal, the magic comes alive in the new portal’s built-in speaker system. While your new Skylander may not be an action figure as in the past, it feels alive in the crystal with this fantastic new system.

Crystals will work only for their respective 8 elements, and are limited to holding just one in-game character at a time. This Skylander in a crystal brings out the Team in Trap Team as they can be swapped with your primary Skylander at at time in the game with the push of a button. This is pretty convenient when compared to swapping out multiple figures on older portals, though only the two can be swapped through without changing either your figure or crystal.

While over 50 new physical Skylanders will be available for Trap Team, 40 digital Skylanders are catch-only. Trap Team will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U and 3DS platforms. Multiple styles of crystals will be available for Trap Team at launch on October 5th, 2014. Expect more details on Skylanders: Trap Team in the coming months, but until then, enjoy the official launch video below.