With a wide variety of games opting-in on variations for their games in celebration of April Fool’s Day, League of Legends has re-introduced the Ultra Rapid Fire mode, more commonly known as URF.

In League of Legends’ new URF mode players are given nearly limitless mana pools and severely reduced cooldown timers to do with as they wish. While this typically leads to utter chaos and fantastic fun, there are a few stand-out champions in the League that rise above the rest, and more often than not they have a heal in the mix. With her potential for in-lane sustain nearly unmatched in the new URF mode, Sona is a dominant force. Just how dominant? Have a look at the video for more details.


As the new URF mode bears exact resemblance to last year’s mode, here’s a look at what the April 2nd statistics for last year looked like in URF:

Sona had the top win rate at nearly 78%. Soraka came in a distant second with 66%. Hecarim and Kayle piled in the low 60’s while Nami rounded out the top five with just under 60% win rate. Obviously the worst champions were those which did not rely on cooldowns or mana as they benefit little from the changes. [Courtesy: Reddit via http://sufficientblogging.blogspot.ca/2014/04/urf-mode-win-rates.html]

For the purposes of clarification, the “3v5” comment at the end was the result of some standard “rage quit” activity that can occur during severely lost games. The multiple missed ganks and lost lanes resulted in a lot of frustration for the other team, as you should likely find in your own matches. Let us know in the comments section below who YOU love to play in URF mode and why and that champion’s video could be featured next!