Late last night Sony released 4.45 firmware update for the PS3 which came with a rather strange bug. Users that happen to install that firmware update with a large hard drive (500GB) are now the proud owners of expensive paperweights. Yup, that’s right, reports came flooding into Sony’s support desk about the console hanging on the PS3 logo after a reboot on the installation of the update. The users were not able to get past the initial logo while the system itself completely locked up. Even pushing the power button had no affect. This caused Sony to pull the plug on the update until they find out what could be causing this issue.

PlayStation Europe’s Twitter account acknowledged the issue and are investigating.

We’re not sure how such a huge bug could leave Sony’s dev teams, but we hope that they get there act together for the upcoming launch of the PS4. The last thing we need is the potential for dead consoles after the amazing performance they gave at E3.

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