Originally projected for launch in December, Nintendo of America officially announced today that Super Mario 3D World will be launching ahead of schedule and in time for North American holiday sales.

ss9Now ready to be launched November 22nd of this year, Mario will be a huge part of the boost that Nintendo needed this holiday – not that their recent PRICE DROP didn’t help.

With four unique playing traits across the four available characters in Super Mario 3D World, this multiplayer-focused title will be Mario’s first 3D multiplayer adventure on Wii U, and is sure to be one of the primary focuses of this holiday from Nintendo.

For more information on the next title in the Mario series, check out the video below. We fully expect that with this change, and the coming launch of Smash Brothers – as well as the Zelda HD remake of Wind Waker, Nintendo if fully capable of staying in the mix of things this holiday and beyond.