France isn’t typically known for its RPGs, but perhaps Shiness will change that. Complete with kung-fu furries, and genuinely attractive cel-shaded art, Enigami hopes to gain massive appeal with the teaser trailer for their upcoming title.

The game will star five unique characters, who with your control will level-up skills and fighting abilities. You your group of mostly people-animals will be able to explore the lands of Mahera which will include plains, caverns, and a flying city, to name a bit. These characters will have different special talents that you will need to make use of to be successful in specific areas of the game. For example, one character might have an ability to break through a boulder with their great amount of strength while others would not. Your other character that has kinetic abilities may not have that massive strength but would be able to access secret doors by controlling hard to reach mechanisms.

The teaser gives you a strong idea of the combat; there will be real-time adventure game style hand-to-hand and magic strikes that you will able to use to complete quests and improve your characters, much like any other role-playing game.

I am a big fan of the art style but wonder if the game will follow through when it comes to combat. It’s easy to botch or simply not include enjoyable fighting mechanics. If this RPG requires any amount of grinding, the game will rely heavily on how strong the combat and skill systems are. I‘m willing to give animal-people a shot for this one.

This game is planned for release on the PC some time in 2016.

via Siliconera