The team over at Virtuix have decided to team up the Oculus Rift with their Omni-directional treadmill (simply called “Omni”) to create an astonishingly detailed virtual reality experience in Team Fortress 2. This was more or less a good way for them to show off the capabilities of the Omni, but I’d have to say that this looks like something I would love to try out on a few different games.

If you’re wondering how exactly all of this works in such harmony, I’ll shed some light on that. The movement in that game consists of three main components. First would be the Oculus Rift that handles the game display and head tracking. The second and third components both work together to achieve the rest of the movement. They consist of a Kinect and the Omni. The Kinect will track how the player walks/runs on the Omni and translate that data into commands in the game. We should note though that the Kinect is an in-development solution and that the Omni will include its own sensor if and when it becomes available to consumers.

Virtuix is planning on starting a Kickstarter for the project in late May.

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