Announced as one prong of the PlayStation press conference along side an amazing virtual reality headset, Sony’s start on the side of software worked out a doubling of media software on the PlayStation Vita.

Available as soon as today for half of six new applications for the PlayStation Vita, you can pick up the anime hit application Crunchyroll, the NHL’s Gamecenter, and Quello – a concert and musical documentary streaming service – in the PlayStation Store right now. Coming soon as a continuation of the new six suite application launch, Sony will also roll out Gaiam TV, an inspirational and fitness video service, as well as Hulu and Redbox Instant by Verizon on the Vita.

These additions rack up with the already fairly strong media options on offer for the Vita. Already available for free download, these new options will join Crackle, the NBA Game Time app, Netflix, Skype and YouTube. While only Crunchyroll, NHL Gamecenter, and Quello are available today, the expanse of media options is great for multimedia on the go.