In the survival world of The Stomping Land, you are placed onto an island as a caveman with ingrained knowledge of how to build the necessities of life. To this point in the Alpha state of The Stomping Land, only eating is required for survival, and your primary goal is in not being killed by the predators of the land. While the ultimate goal may be to take on one of the island’s giant predators while mounting an equally strong dinosaur, death is not an option as your survival and experience go hand-in-hand toward this goal. Die, and you’ll lose everything.

Survival on the island has more to do with knowledge of the title’s mechanics than player interaction and difficulty of dinosaurs at this point. Here is all the information you’ll need to survive today.


One of the biggest disadvantages to being a new player on the island – you can waste loads of time throwing away extra materials that you can’t recover once you chose an item to build. Be sure that when you are gathering materials for your primary home base you are storing them individually. Dropping items onto the ground will begin a loot crate, which will be larger based on the number of contents in the box. This box is your base for crafting, and any materials inside will be consumed for the craft – even materials that you didn’t need. Store your wood alone, your stone alone, and your meats alone to produce your buildings and tools in an entirely different box. So, what do you need to make each craft?

Building a Teepee may be the first object you’ll need to build, as it allows you to have a consistent spawn point along your travels on the island. If you died from starvation or mauling, you’ll still be home when you appear again – minus your experience. Build a Teepee with 10 Wood and 4 Stone in the same box – no more, no less.

Next, you’ll need a place to cook your meats, because you’re probably quite hungry and you’ll need to gain expertise before your dinosaur capturing adventures can begin. Build a Fire Pit with 2 Wood and 2 Stone. This fire pit can be used to cook up to five meats at once, where dinosaurs will provide two meat shanks per kill. Meats may only be loaded when the fire is not lit – your people are neanderthals, but they are smart neanderthals.

Working on tools may be the best decision after you have your core build complete. You’ll need to have a way to capture your food. Which tools benefit you the most is entirely up to you. Basic materials like torches, arrows and rope for a bola all cost the same amount of materials – two wood. Weapons costs will vary, and it’s all about your weapon of choice. A Bow costs five Wood and two Stone, and will include 10 arrows. A spear has no ammunition, but will kill the two weakest dinosaurs with a single attack and leave you vulnerable to melee distance attacks – something that a dinosaur is very proficient at, of course. Spears cost the same as one Bow, five wood and two stone. Bolas and Shields play out as mostly defensive items, and are best served in player-versus-player interactions. A bola, used to wrap the ankles of your opponents for capture, costs two Wood and one Stone and has 3 ammunition, which can be “reloaded” by building a two Wood cost rope. A shield will cost you four Wood and one Stone, and will only block by using the left-click action.

Beyond tools and basic survival, you’ll probably want to team up with other players in order to take on the massive beasts across the island. Clans may be built with a Totem, as players can request an invite to your clan by walking up to your Totem and clicking the available action. Build a Totem with eight Wood and two Stone. If you’re competing against another clan, you may be interested in cages. Cages can trap your enemies for as long as you want to keep them inside, but must be built on top of players, and may only be used on players, as dinosaurs may not be tied up in this stage of the game. A cage costs fifteen wood and one stone.

Beyond this, the only thing left is to explore the world and find the necessary herbs to train your dinosaur. Dinosaurs must the trained only while injured. They will trust you only if you heal them with herbs you’ve found. Herbs may only be found inside caves around the island, and should be considered as high-risk for PVP interaction. Keep in mind that training a dinosaur requires a certain level of expertise with dinosaurs, which is slowly gained with time, and through interaction with dinosaurs.

Here are the requirements for riding each dinosaur:

Gallimimus: 25 Expertise to Ride + Healing Herb
Stygimoloch: 50 Expertise to Ride + Healing Herb
Styracosaurus: 100 Expertise to Ride + Healing Herb
Ankylosaurus: 150 Expertise to Ride + Healing Herb
Carnotaurus: 200 Expertise to Ride + Healing Herb

To recall, here are the necessary materials for building in The Stomping Land:

Torch: 2 Wood
Rope: 2 Wood
Arrow: 2 Wood
Fire Pit: 2 Wood 2 Stone
Totem: 8 Wood 2 Stone
Teepee: 10 Wood 4 Stone
Cage: 15 Wood 1 Stone

Bow: 5 Wood 2 Stone
Spear: 5 Wood 2 Stone
Bolas: 2 Wood 1 Stone
Shield: 4 Wood 1 Stone

Enjoy your time on the island, and try not to get yourself killed – but don’t expect to live forever, this is a survival MMO after all. The Stomping Land is now available on Steam for $24.99, developed by SuperCrit LLC. The Stomping Land is currently in development stage Alpha test. This guide will be updated for The Stomping Land’s Beta phase upon launch, which is slated to include 18 dinosaurs, up from the current listing of six. For more information on The Stomping Land, check out our announcement article, or head over to the official website.