Available today on Steam Early Access, Tinertia is a platformer like none other. Since the days of Mario, we’ve been building every platformer the same way – jump, stomp, smash, repeat. With Tinertia you are tasked with doing all of this, except that you’ll have to manage to do so without jumping.

Sold as the hardcore platformer with no jumping, Tinertia asks those brave enough to play to use only inertia and a bit of rocket-driven force to wrestle your way through treacherous levels. As simple as using a rocket’s force to thrust you over a void may sound, with the addition of molten steel, falling blocks and breakaway structures, using inertia to find the finish line can be quite challenging.

Tinertia is its own work of art. In the world of Tinertia, each piece of the puzzle that is the level you’ll race to complete features the perfect art style. Though it isn’t eye popping, Tinertia is fantastic at signifying the good from the bad and putting your objective in front of you. Tinertia is no Battlefield in graphical quality, but what you’ll find is medium contrast environments that are clear to understand and easy on the eyes. With a unique style in each level, you’l know where you’re headed without getting a headache finding it.

Physics in Tinertia play out exactly as you may expect them to, and as the controls are designed, leaving little to no reason to believe that the early build of the game would be the reason you’re not playing well. Playing through Tinertia can be completed with a Keyboard and Mouse, or any major platform controller. There is such focus on your experience with controls in fact, that upon loading the title developer Candescent Games asks which you would prefer whether a controller is plugged in or not. Game play feels clean and as expected with the Keyboard or controller, and leaves nothing to be desired – a nice change over other indie titles you’ll pick up on Steam.

Featuring a Story Mode, Speedrun Mode and “YOLO” Mode, Tinertia fans can enjoy playing through the title multiple times with good fun for those who love to challenge themselves. Hosting a Speedrun and YOLO mode has been a signature of indie titles of late, but few can say that their title was as built for the challenge of speedrunning as well as Tinertia is. Even throughout the story experience you will be setting your standard to beat, and beat it you shall, as the game almost challenges you just to reach a developer standard in speed. Miss the speed score and you’ll be given a rating close to “par”. Unfortunately, I found myself getting far from par in each of my first runs, which of course forced my competitive hand into running it at least once for a better score.

At this stage, it feels like Tinertia isn’t built on a deep story, but as the title is in early development, that’s OK. What it lacks in story is made up for dramatically in game play value. Available on Steam Early Access for $14.99, it’s worth a buy if you love a challenge. Expect to see every YouTube and Twitch speedrunner to be giving the title a go very soon, and spending a few years trying to be the best around.