Electronic Arts, along side Respawn Entertainment are looking to dodge the bullet of an old ghost, confirming today that Titanfall will not require an online pass.

Amidst some confusion regarding the “extinct” online pass system, the Titanfall official Twitter cleared up a negative rumor today.

Sorry for any confusion. There is no ONLINE pass for Titanfall. We have no details to announce around a Season Pass at this time. #Titanfall – @Titanfallgame

Though DLC is almost certainly expected today in the FPS market, @Titanfallgame confirmed the existence of DLC for the title, but developers within the studio say that there are still “no details to announce” regarding a Season Pass option for the content. No specifics were available on offer for Titanfall’s post-launch content.

Titanfall launches on PC and Xbox One March 11th in the USA, March 13th in the United Kingdom and March 14th in Australia. An Xbox 360 version will release on March 25.