Packing in the savings, gamers interested in grabbing a season pass for Titanfall can find multiple routes to a good deal right now on the Origin network.

Announced just shortly after having “no news” to release regarding the season pass option, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts will shell you out a copy of every bit of Titanfall download content for only $24.99 (£19.99 in the UK). All premium versions of the title will include this season pass, including the $79.99 digital deluxe package on Origin, and the super-premium Collector’s Edition which packed in an 18 inch statue.

If you have already pre-ordered the title, EA is offering an upgrade option to the deluxe edition, but details as to the DLC’s actual value are scarce. Confirmed to this point, players who purchase the DLC package will rake in at least three confirmed map packs and EA assures a value in the DLC package, as cost is presumed to be at least a bit more if DLC is purchased individually. Anyone who has already purchased Titanfall as a pre-order may also download Titanfall and install the massive 50 gigabytes of content right now. If you’ve purchased your digital key from a third party vendor, check your e-mail for the download codes today.