Hello all my Trauma-Heads out there! WELCOME! To the Trauma Ward where we take a look at up and coming…meh…never mind all that! Were taking a look at Hawken! A BAD !@# twitch style fps (First-Person Shooter for the Laymen’s out there!) from a dynamic duo game publisher setup called, Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games. So lets put on the Michael Bolten music, rubber gloves, grab our two yards of duct tape, and dive right in!

The basics/online store:

Hawken is a Free-to-Play game that will never cost you a dime of yours or someone else’s money, EVER! It utilizes an in-game currency system which you gain as you get kills, capture objectives and other things in game that you will use to buy your mechs and upgrades/parts (you can also just buy mechs outright for $5 via the Meteor points system), BUT, it also has a cash shop to which you buy something called Meteor Points that you will use to purchase aesthetics such as paint jobs/patterns, thruster colors (Right? first time i’ve seen that to…) and mech taunts!!! You ever seen a mech tea-bag something on purpose!? BUY IT! The shop will also be where you get your mechs, and it has a whopping twelve (12) to choose from. They are all broken into one of three categories: Light, Medium, and Heavy.  The range they have available is from scout type mechs which are very fast and agile, but, are lightly armoured, and obviously aren’t going to hit very hard, to the healer type mech called Technician (pfft…LOL!…seriously tho…you want one in your team even if it isn’t you #healerlove) which has basically a repair beam/torch but also a means to attack as well, via a sawed-off double barrel shotgun and is quite spry to boot, to a pretty sweet medium type called Assault, which is right in the middle of everything as far as damage, armour and agility uses go, and is an excellent first buy, to the wall-o-death of a mech called the Rocketeer (My personal favorite) who’s main purpose is to take your nice day, and make angry rebellious love to its face with its Rockets and other forms of explosive goodies. In this set of twelve there is nothing that you wont be able to do as far as rolls go in a team type situation, and lets face it, that’s the best (and only some would argue) way to run any kind of team based FPS tho, being randomly inserted into a Team Deathmatch is always good for a laugh as well.


Game play options:

Hawken has four ways you can play the game at the time of this article: Team Deathmatch, which is a 5v5 match in which you have fifteen minutes to pummel the other team and get as many kills/points as possible in that time frame. A standard and simple game play option that any true FPS would have in their arsenal (there is also a free for all version of this as well for the certifiable cowboys out there), but wait! Hawken has more! ooooooh do they have more! Next up is one called: Missile Assault, where you and your team have to capture AND defend, three missile silos that will then, in turn, rain death and destruction on your enemies and their base, and vise-versa! This is a very fun game type that I found to be relatively fast paced for what it is. It seems simple enough but it really isn’t if your not communicating and playing as a team (always important #themoreyouknow). “Mr. trauma sir! They couldn’t possibly have more!” you say? WRONG! They’ve got one more, and its EPIC! This one is called, Siege! Siege is where you and your team go out and collect energy at points on the map (and from your dead enemies) and bring it back to your base and charge up….are you ready for this!? your teams very own Battleship! It flys overhead and starts to send everything that isn’t your friend to meet its maker via a power level of over thousand bombardment from the skies! You remember the Missile silos from missile assault? Something very similar in this one that you can take control of from the ground as well to fire on the enemies battleship, but be careful as they can do the same to you, and most likely will given the chance.



So with all this being said, and you being ready to go forth and destroy all that oppose you, keep in mind that this is still in the open beta process but you won’t even notice it, as its running so smooth right now it feels like its already been released! Hawken definitely has my highly coveted thumbs up, and you should all definitely check it out now or with us next weekend on saturday at 8pm, as we will be doing a Hawken night where you can hang around with us and play, troll, even kill the SGMW crew as we all take it for a spin! Jack Trauma saying Keep rockin interwebs!