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New content coming for Tribes: Ascend, the most acclaimed multiplayer shooter of 2012.

Tribes: Ascend Game of The Year Update includes:
– 6 new maps including return of Bella Omega (all maps free to everyone who plays Tribes: Ascend)
– New Shocklance weapon
– Shielded defensive assets for more important Generator play
– 2 cosmetic skins
– Additional physics settings on custom servers

Tribes: Ascend is the World’s Fastest Shooter – a fast-paced multiplayer FPS with jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, classes, and customizable weapon unlocks and upgrades.

Play & pay the way you want:
1. Play for free. Play existing maps and new maps for free, and unlock items via playtime or micro-transactions OR
2. Purchase GoTY edition to get all existing weapons, classes, and perks for a single price. (www.tribesascend.com)