Twitch has announced in a blog post that they are bringing back music to the broadcasters, some limits apply. According to the update you will only be able to use music that is being hosted via through what they are calling “Twitch Music library.” This will allow streamers to finally get some music back into their streams and VODs without getting the almighty red bar of audio death on your highlights and past broadcasts. The Twitch Music Library is boasting a hefty 500+ songs “provided by established and burgeoning labels, including Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Spinnin’ Records, OWSLA, Monstercat, Fool’s Gold, and many more.” While many users have already posted they’ve never heard of any of these labels, most users love finding new music, and this paves the way for Twitch to expand a library of usable music to listen to – so it might not be a bad thing overall.

This announcement also comes with good news for professional music content creators or just “people who make music.” If you want to stream your personally made music or would like to do a live show via your Group/Band/Twitch channel, that is now an option via the new music sub directory under games, found Here. I like this option a lot as it will add more music to Twitch but will also help get young groups exposure to a larger amount of public play. This will also bring up what I’m sure is going to be a huge debate on whether or not Twitch is sticking to its “Games Only” stance after only a few months of “No low cut shirts on the ladies, let’s keep this about games.”

I am definitely looking forward to the changes being made here but I wonder, is Twitch going away from their “Gaming Only” stance? This is opening a lot of doors for musicians and that’s a good thing for them, but is this going to turn twitch into a new hybrid of Social Media and gaming, where people can get their music out there all while grinding for shiny Gyarados in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire? Only the future and you as the viewers, subscribers, and readers will make that call – at least they made the change before the 2015 season of League of Legends starts up. Shout out below with your comments as we follow this story well into the coming weeks.

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