Jagex, creators of one of the world’s largest free MMORPG games in Runescape, has announced today that Twitch.TV will become and integral part of the game client.

As browser-based games go, Runescape may be the most prominent and successful title in the history of MMORPGs. With this popularity, users naturally gravitate toward watching each other play on Twitch.TV. Given this interest, Jagex has added the ability to play Runescape and stream your play without any added client. The new feature allows RuneScape players to seamlessly live broadcast directly to Twitch from within the game with nothing more than a Twitch account – a welcome addition that is unprecedented in the browser game space.

Launching along side Twitch integration, Jagex has released a new boss battle and “creepy adventure” to showcase on their live stream at Twitch.TV/Runescape. While this showcase has just ended within the hour, you can find a few hours of footage below.

Watch live video from RuneScape on Twitch

Neil McClarty, marketing director of RuneScape commented on the new direction with Twitch integration within the game.

“Live streaming in gaming is huge and Twitch has become the de facto channel for watching other players in RuneScape. RuneScape is already one of the top most watched games on Twitch. Our hope is that this integration to Twitch will take our streaming to the next level and remove all barriers to players wanting to stream their gaming, but never knew how to. Launching alongside Araxxor, our most challenging boss monster ever, I cannot wait to watch all our players trying to get their first kill!”

While your interest in Runescape may not be at its peak, if you’re interested in the coming Transformers Universe, Jagex is dedicated to the integrated live streaming operations they’ve put within Runescape, and they plan to implement it within the Transformers title as well.