PAX Prime just wrapped up in Seattle and I have returned from waking up at 4 AM each morning to stand in line for 6 hours to be among the first in queue for exhibitor’s hall. I was having a blast over the weekend, but there was at least one thing that rustled my jimmies. Mt. Dew and Doritos teamed up with PAX and Guidebook to do a special contest where you scan QR codes that are scattered all over PAX for points to bid on an Xbox One every 2 minutes for 2 hours on the Sunday of PAX. All you had to do was amass points by going into the guidebook app on your phone, click the “every2minutes” app in Guidebook, and scan the QR codes so you can get the points for bidding. Sounds easy right? The only problem with this is that Guidebook supports Windows Phone 7 & 8, but only through their mobile website and does not have a native client on their platform. What this meant was that anyone using anything other than an iOS or Android device could not participate.

Guess what kind of phone I happen to have….that’s right, a Lumia 920 running WP8. PAX Prime also takes place in Microsoft’s home turf, so I personally saw many more Windows Phone users ticked off throughout the convention. We found it odd that there would be an amazing contest for a Microsoft product that doesn’t allow people who support Microsoft products to enter. The whole fiasco just left a bitter taste in my mouth and a lot of others as well. So much so that Proxima, a Guidebook representative, went to the PAX Prime forums with this statement:

Hey guys — just letting you know that this is a Guidebook issue. Since we don’t yet have a native windows phone app (which is in the works!) we just couldn’t support a version of the every2minutes game for WP. We feel really badly about it, and are working really hard to get a native version out for you guys when we can. We are a small team, after all :) Anyway, sorry! If you see us around the show floor come yell at us!

While I may be infuriated that I wasn’t even given the opportunity to play the game, I am still level headed enough to realize that Guidebook is not the sole company to blame. This is a combination of Guidebook, Pepsi Co., PAX, and Microsoft. Sure Guidebook didn’t make an app for Windows Phone and really weren’t planning on making one anytime soon despite the above post, but they really had no incentive to do so. Microsoft has a very small market share and a poor app approval process, so Guidebook has not been motivated for the relatively small user base it would bring in. Pepsi Co. and PAX are sort of on the sidelines of this, but have some partial responsibility for allowing this mistake to happen in the first place. Pepsi Co. has a website for the “every2minutes” contest because it opens up to the public on September 30th so they could have used their website for the WP users. PAX should have just done some fact checking before letting the contest take place. Simple as that.

At least there is a silver lining that I briefly mentioned above. The Every 2 Minutes contest to bid on and win an Xbox One will continue starting September 30th with auctions starting on November 5th of this year. All you need to do is sign up on the website HERE and wait for the contest to start so you can start putting in codes from Doritos bags and Mt. Dew bottles.

That about covers my rant for now. I just hope that we don’t have to experience something like that again at PAX Prime next year.

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