Bethesda announced today that there is an all-new stand alone Wolfenstien prequel hitting the stores on May 5th of this year, and that MachineGames has been hard at work on it since Wolfenstien: The New Order.

This new installment in the Wolfenstien series takes us back to the year 1946 in a story that spans eight chapters and two interconnected stories (that will be released together) that will lead into the events of Wolfenstien: The New Order.

“Part one of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – Rudi Jäger and the Den of Wolves — pits BJ Blazkowicz against a maniacal prison warden as he breaks into Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to steal the coordinates to General Deathshead’s compound. In part two – The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs – our hero’s search for the coordinates leads him to the city of Wulfburg where an obsessed Nazi archaeologist is exhuming mysterious artifacts that threaten to unleash a dark and ancient power.”

Wolfenstien: The Old Blood drops digitally on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 5th with a $19.99 price tag.