As is tradition in the worlds of, World of Warships focuses on strategic game play and tactical diversity. With meticulous attention to detail, World of Warships showcases all true-to-life physics, bringing naval combat to a level never before seen outside of the real world.

Featuring a full roster of Japanese and American warships at launch, World of Warships focuses on early 20th century vessels across a wide variety of ships. Players can take advantage of Aircraft carriers, Cruiser class vessels, and Destroyers built after all true-to-life ships. Built on real life models, your head-to-head combat scenarios will feature legendary ships from the World War and post war eras. Featured prominently in our demo, the Japanese battleship Nagato features over 500 working components built across 8 months of highly researched development.

Real world combat on the high seas isn’t always about the biggest guns, but rather the best tactics of either side winning battles. knows how important tactics are to the game play experience, as well as the professional level of their titles, and Warships doesn’t shy away from tactical naval combat with its authentic design. On the battleship Nagato, users must decide between broadside exposure and heavy damage dealing attacks. Will you fire everything and leave yourself vulnerable, or volley your shots in succession to ensure sustained damage against multiple targets? Given ship-to-air defense in anti-air artillery shooting intelligently, your maneuvering matters as much as your firing skill. Move in close against enemy reconnaissance aircraft to blast them out of the sky and use your ship’s slingshot to launch your own. With passive control over the sky and sea, take careful aim and take advantage over short range targets with long range weaponry using refined targeting and the same calculated shooting that Wargaming titles are known for.

Strategy against short range targets in smaller vessels change the landscape of oceanic warfare completely, as true water physics apply in all combat scenarios. Spotting a behemoth battleship on a hard right turn means that a cruiser can burn the engines in tight, as the battleship won’t aim well on its left broadside. What good will your battleship do you when the weapons are turned toward the sky? As one of many limitations in real-world physics, cruisers and destroyers will look to middle grade damage short range weaponry to group up and pick apart less agile targets. Those who look to move more explicitly can take advantage of an overview map to plan tactics and set autopilot movements. Use of the autopilot system allows coordinated teams to focus on their greater goals as well as firing their weapons instead of tracking their allies’ movement.

Warships will face combat in close combat environments, which is a fair change over real-life scenarios which encourages more interesting combat. While the real world fights miles into the ocean, using varied and original battle arenas in World of Warships encourages open fire combat, as opposed to a battle of long-winded positioning in the open water. Each battle scenario is inspired by real-world locations, featuring unique geographic characteristics ready to drive your next strategic move.

Through the use of your existing ID account, World of Tanks or World of Warplanes users can access their in-game Gold reserves and Free Experience points shared throughout the ecosystem. Additionally, your Unified Premium Account will allow users to benefit from premium titles in World of Warships just as in your other account connected games, making your premium account more valuable than ever.

World of Warships will reach Beta phase in early 2015, and while you can’t yet sign up for a trial today, closed Alpha testing is ongoing and we will keep you updated as more news becomes available. Until then, check out these official media assets below to whet your pallet. World of Warships was one of the best games we got our hands on at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington this year. Have a look at our Editor’s Choice awards to get in the know on the best there is in the industry today, including World of Warships.