You heard it right. The Xbox One is now only $449.99 in Microsoft’s official store.

Available right now, picking up any version of the Xbox One console is now $50 off in the official store. Though word isn’t out about any permanent changes to the price point, Walmart stores have been offering the console for the same price point for a few days, and with this change things look promising.

Currently on offer from, you may pick up a Titanfall edition Xbox One and a Forza 5 Xbox One package for $450, or save the same $50 on one of three other bundles including the “complete bundle” with Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza and 12 months of Xbox LIVE. Assuming this sale goes as planned, Microsoft is looking for a huge boost in interest in their next-gen offering, and this wipes away some of the stench of a $100 cost over the PlayStation 4 making an Xbox One considerably more appealing.

This price drop comes as a fantastic contrast to Sony raising the price of the PlayStation 4 in Canada recently, and we look forward to hearing from Microsoft as to whether this change is permanent. We’ve reached out to Microsoft representative Larry Hryb for comment.

Update: Mr. Hyrb confirmed that the new $450 price point was reflective of a new MSRP, and the change is now permanent!