Microsoft was able to sneak in a little bit of extra information in their wireless controller product description that you can find HERE. Under additional features, we find that you can “Connect up to 8 Wireless Controllers at once to your console.” and that the controllers have an impressive 30 ft range. This is step up from the standard 4 controllers per console scheme that many companies have used.

However, don’t expect this feature to apply to the majority of games. You more than likely will not see Halo split 8 ways, but party games would take great advantage over having increased players. That’s the niche I can see this feature falling in since it would have to most benefit from increasing the number of players. Also being able to add more players or controllers to rhythm games like Rock Band could get you more instruments and a bigger band. There are quite a lot of possibilities by breaking from the standard 4 player mode here.

Sony on the other hand has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will only allow 4 controllers connected at one time. Here is the twitter response from Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida:

Sources: Xbox Website, Shuhei Yoshida