If you were under the impression like we were that Overwatch should have been as free as Team Fortress, don’t worry – your money is going somewhere.

With their latest efforts to appease the masses and make fire of anything they develop, Blizzard Entertainment has announced today their DLC plans for Overwatch. As part of a developer update video, Overwatch’s Game Director let loose their feelings on post-launch content.

“When we patch a new hero into the game, we want it to be free and not as DLC.”

Naturally with the game still in testing phases, we’re not ready to talk about DLC release dates. With the title launching on all major platforms at just under $60, it’s nice to see a major shift in company expectations for how they “sell” their DLC. There is no word at this time if DLC will continue to release at no cost for the life of Overwatch, and maps have yet to be discussed, but it’s nice to see some shift in a major corporations’ viewpoint with post-launch content.