Bungie’s Destiny is the hottest game in the world right now, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular games to play – even if we’re only playing in the Beta test. With the only option in player versus player firefights coming in “Control” style matches, Bungie has let the community loose on what feels like a standard three flag “domination” match. It isn’t, and Bungie’s change to the standard formula might surprise you and change the way you play the Crucible forever.

In Destiny’s Crucible matches, if you’re playing “Control”, you’ve probably assumed that owning two out of the three, or three out of three flags in the match will automatically garner you a victory. With Bungie’s direction on the classic three flag format, this is probably true, but not necessarily. In Control a team has until the end of the match to score 20,000 points, or have the higher score over your opponents. Points toward this goal are counted out to each player on their screen when they capture a flag, or when they get a kill.

Control is both Team Deathmatch and Domination at the same time. You may score points upon the initial capture, but you will NOT collect points for simply holding an objective. For each task you complete that is worth a point, your score accumulated will include how many flags your team owns at that moment as part of your scoring total. A kill is typically worth 100 points. If I own two flags, my kill will be worth 100 for the kill and 100 points more, 100 for each flag I held at the time of the kill. You will pick up more points as a team for two people baring down on one kill, as the second player would pick up 50 points for your team on the assist as well. A head shot will grab another few points.

Working a match in Control does not mean that you have to capture the flag if your team doesn’t die. That’s the most important aspect of Control when it comes down to it – not dying. As important as a traditional Team Deathmatch, not dying in Control means that the enemy team can’t score points aside from a maximum 300 points [for each of three flags]. If you get three kills, or two kills with two assists, your team would be tied with the opposition and ready to take the game, despite having zero flags captured. Don’t be that guy who runs gung-ho into the objective only to die after capturing it. Employ a strategy before moving in. Work as a team to make that capture worth while, because if you score 75 points for capturing the C objective, but they kill you owning A and B, they will score up to 300 points for killing you, and you only scored 75 points for taking C.

Iron Banner matches in Control operate in the same way, except that the Iron Banner changes how your players compete with each other. In standard Control, your weapons and armor are even, and your leveling skills are accounted for to adjust these figures to your play style. In Iron Banner, your weapons’ damage ratings, and your armor rating are not all set evenly. The actual numbers matter in the Iron Banner, and your conquests outside of PVP can change your effectiveness on the battlefield. In every other way Iron Banner Control matches are the same, but you might take into account your likelihood of taking an objective based on your armor and damage ratings. If you think your numbers are high and you have a great weapon, feel free to go in head first and dominate the opposition.

Scoring in Control is not Halo, and it’s surely not Call of Duty. This is Destiny, and Bungie is changing the way we play. I’m having a great time so far, and if you want to play some Control along side me, feel free to add me on the PlayStation Network “VisionEx” and we’ll hit the ground running this September.