Much like the feature available on Steam for the PC, the PlayStation Network on PlayStation 4 will now allow you to download your games before they release.

Beginning with the coming “Transformers: The Dark Spark,” players who wish to pre-order their games digitally, not physically, on the PlayStation Store directly from their console may now begin downloading the title several days ahead of the release date to prepare for the launch. Unlocking at 12:01 AM local time, your PlayStation Network download will be available for play as soon as possible, and the feature is available to any digitally downloaded pre-order title released in the store on or after May 20th.

Any titles you have pre-ordered need not be queued up for download. Your PlayStation 4 console will auto-download the title as soon as the pre-load is available much in the same way a system or title update is available regularly – even as the console’s sleeping functions leave it lying in wait. All titles which are available for pre-load are currently listed on the Official PlayStation Blog’s post on the topic. This feature has been enabled as part of update 1.71 for the PlayStation 4 console.