Launching into global markets just under a year ago, the PlayStation 4 will undergo its first software update to break free of the 1.XX version line, releasing version 2.00 very soon.

Under the code name Masamune, the latest PS4 update includes themes for the first time on the next-generation console – something that the PS3 picked up in the early phases of its life as well. PlayStation 4 will also tack on the inclusion of Share Play, allowing those gamers who need a helping hand to “pass” a second controller virtually to a friend and pick up some assistance as they take over for you in your tasks over the internet. Share Play works with any cooperative enabled game to add a second player to the mix, exactly as we would in our own homes, but also includes the ability to have a friend take over for you on a single player experience if you’re stuck in a corner – something never before available remotely.

Streamers will enjoy version 2.00 support for YouTube as well, as the PlayStation 4 picks up an official app for the first time. As is standard with app support, you’ll see YouTube in all its glory, and while that PlayStation 4 had Flash player support already, we won’t have to wander through our browser to reach the largest compilation of videos on the internet – just click the app. YouTube integration isn’t limited to viewing with the next system update, as uploading video to YouTube is set to launch here as well. Social integration isn’t limited to a bit of YouTube sharing this round, as Sony will implement a “Players You May Know ” tile to the dashboard.

Wrapping up version 2.00, Sony will allow players to listen to the music that they love while gaming, pulling away from the developer’s favorite songs and adding in your own. Through the use of “USB Music Player” those who plug in a USB stick with music pre-loaded will receive a new option for USB Music Player on the dashboard. Supported filename extensions include MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP audio. Other minor updates to the system will include: Organization options for your ever-expanding game library, enhanced voice commands, add PSN titles to your library without downloading them, back up data to an external hard disk.

We look forward to the latest changes from Sony, and hope to see you on the PlayStation Network with update 2.00.