If you’re one of the lucky few to get your hands on a “launch edition” of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, you’ll pick up a few free bonuses with your RPG this April.

Available exclusively as part of the launch edition, early adopters won’t have to dedicate themselves to a pre-order to grab some special bonuses in Etrian Mystery Dungeon this Spring. Offering the “Sights & Sounds of Mystery” bonus as “a special prize reserved only for the most impassioned of explorers,” early adopters can secure ownership of the North American-exclusive collectible outer box that contains a limited edition CD-book package. Packing in a “Rough Sketch Ver.” soundtrack CD containing six “rough” versions of the musical themes found in Etrian Mystery Dungeon, this bundle comes at no extra cost on launch day. Containing 28 pages of art and information as well, the launch edition will be less complicated in building the best party to help you triumph inside mystery dungeons.

Along side these physical freebies, day-one purchasers will have access to a unique “Protector Class” at launch as well. Here’s what publisher ATLUS and developer Spike Chunsoft had to say about the class:

Let me paint a nightmare scenario for you. You’ve just successfully cleared a floor in a dungeon, found an awesome weapon in a treasure chest, got tons of gold and crafting drops from monsters and are mere steps away from the exit when a group of enemies respawn and tear your party to shreds; the hard-earned gold, experience, and loot lost forever to the sands of time.

Well worry no more, because that’s why Etrian Mystery Dungeon has the Protector class! This battle tank uses their high DEF stats and tower shield to create an immovable object of damage-soaking toughness. Combining provoking taunts with ability binds, a well-leveled Protector is key to surviving against rare monsters, bosses, and worse!

Packing still more into the mix, ATLUS is giving away a collection of “odds and ends from the ATLUS vaults” to one lucky person who shares the trailer below on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are a few screenshots of the Protector in action to help tithe us over until this roguelike RPG launches on April 7th, 2015.