The new Xbox One with 1TB hard drive isn’t new news, but Major Nelson gave us some new details today on his blog. The 1TB Xbox One now comes in a new matte finish and is bundled with the all new Xbox One controller. The new Xbox starts shipping to retailers June 16th and will be available later this month in select US markets for only $399. The old 500GB Xbox One units will now permanently be reduced to $349.

The new Xbox One will be bundled with the all new Xbox One controller which will now feature a 3.5mm headset jack in addition to the preparatory jack so you will be able to plug almost any headset you want into the new controller. There will also be an update that brings volume controls for your headset and mic to the Xbox One settings menu to give you more options for controlling your headset. The bumpers were also fine tuned to increase the response across the entire surface of the bumper. Firmware updates will no longer require the controller to be plugged into the console to complete with the new controller as well.



Major Nelson also revealed a new adapter that will make gaming on Windows 10 all that much easier, the Xbox Wireless Adapter. The adapter will give gamers the freedom to connect their existing Xbox One controllers to any Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet that has usb 2.0 or 3.0. In-game chat and audio controls will also work with this wireless adapter as they would with the Xbox One. The adapter will be available this Fall and you will be able to purchase it either by itself for $24.99 or bundled with a wireless controller for $79.95.



Sources: Major Nelson, Xbox Wire