So are you wondering what the hell is up with Alpha 11? Some bad new it’s not here yet, but with good reason our friends The Fun Pimps have been working very hard to implement the new Unity 5 engine into the game. This will seriously start to change the way we look at 7 Days to Die, literally. The set back is a bit disappointing but by doing this it looks like were getting some extra features and unfortunately a few will have to be pushed back. According to The Pimps they are getting very close and if there are no set backs Alpha 11 will still be here this March. I can’t wait to see the new buildings as well as testing out the bow and arrows. The latest screen shot of the burned out zone with charred zombies and the overhanging trees (listed below) looks awesome. So lets all send some positive vibes their way hand keep our fingers crossed we see Alpha 11 here real soon.

Here are a couple new screen shots to keep us all enticed until we get to jump into this latest update.


Here is the latest list from the 7 Days to die site  apparently the official notes will be 5 pages long, this sounds very promising.

  • Unity 5 with a lot of most its bells and whistles working
  • Sexy new Speedtree system with brand new trees
  • New screen space ambient occlusion system gives shadowing and weight to the world
  • New global physically based shader system which looks freaking beautiful
  • New high res sky system with stars at night
  • New item quality range system that affects guns, weapons, tools and clothing; this shit is deep
  • New player leveling and leveled looting system: craft better stuff at higher levels and have better chances for better loot
  • New high res first person hands and first person animations
  • New first person procedural camera system with procedurally based physics and inertia
  • New blunderbuss gun and new primitive bow
  • New feral zombie, new burnt zombie
  • Many new locations including a huge hospital, 2 new grocery stores, a new, larger bookstore, new larger hardware store and 2 new luxury cabins to name a few
  • New random gen underground cave system, new random gen roads on hills, new random gen biome transition dithering, improved random gen rivers and a new random gen mixing xml for modding the game
  • New zombie Gore Blocks: corpses decompose into a pile which can grow and allow zombies to vault over walls. They will eventually biodegrade if left alone
  • New steam networking and server browser enhancements
  • Tons of bugs fixes, too many to name

I look forward to more updates and more surprises from the team at The Fun Pimps this has been a well invested pre-Alpha game for myself and I am sure many others. For more information on 7 Days to die head on over to their official website and keep looking for more updates right here on PowerLeveled.