The Fun Pimps creators of 7 Days to Die have achieved many mile stones in 2014. They set a new record for their online player count with 12,839 players logged simultaneously on steam. There was also the announcement that over a quarter million full copies of the game had sold. These are are great statistics but lets not forget the massive improvements either.

This past year TFP worked to beautify an already decent looking game. It took two patches dedicated to bringing this to life. With several hotfix’s to keep stability thier hard work payed off. Its good to see though with Alpha 11 they are not finished. It looks like we will see new hand animations once again. This might not seem important to some but in a first person game you spend a lot of time looking at your hands.

Pre-Alpha 7

7 Days to Die down

After Alpha 7


Recently added was the random world generation. This vastly improved replay value of the game because not only is the world larger but you had no idea what lies ahead in the uexplored teritories. With A11 players are going to get a new xml mixer meaning you have some control over what is generated. Lets say you want most of your world to be snow you can make that happen.

Some of the more important points made in the patch notes was the improvement to the weapons and armor system. The plan is for these items to be based on skill and level of the player. This will definitely add more to the MMORPG aspect that TFP is going for with 7 Days to Die. This system will also effect loot drops as well by dropping loot in accordance with your level.

Truly what stood out the most to me was the possibility of us getting transportation. It looks like we might get a mini bike to ride around on. Of course like anything else in 7 Days to Die its not just handed to you. You will need to find the parts possibly repair them before assembly. Before all of that though you will need to find the books to learn mechanical skills to get the job done. I myself would be happy if we even got a skateboard right about now.


Here is the list for Alpha 11

New Gun System – We’ve been planning on a new Gun system for a few months now and we’re finally ready to start on it. The new system allows players to find whole weapons that can be broken down to yield a specified number of good parts. The parts and assembled guns have 7 quality ranges including broken, damaged, poor, average, great, flawless and legendary. Once the player collects enough good parts he can assembly a working gun. The sum or average quality of all the parts determines the sum or average quality of the assembled weapon. The parts themselves govern attributes like damage, accuracy, degradation rate, scope zoom level, knockback strength, penetration and falloff range. This will allow for hundreds of thousands of permutations of guns. Later this system will also be used for Armor, Tools and Melee Weapons.

New FPS Hands and Animations – We have some awesome new high res first person male and female hands and will be integrating these as well as a whole new awesome set of first person animations.

New Weapons– We have a new makeshift Blunderbuss Muzzle loader and a new handmade bow that we’re working on integrating.

New First Person Camera Control System – We’re working on integrating a new first person procedural spring physics system with simulated gravity, mouse smoothing and acceleration

Wellness Improvements – We’re improving wellness stat change and top capacity feedback so players can understand the wellness system better.

Leveling & Leveled Loot  – We’re enhancing our current player leveling system improving the criteria and adding leveled loot lists to the game so higher leveled players get better loot drops. This is needed to work with our new gun, armor, tool and weapon quality systems.

New Random Gen Mixing XML – We’re rolling out an XML random gen mixer so users can set up their own world including the selection of world size, biomes, height intensity, prefabs per biome, prefab chance to spawn and more

Usability Enhancements – We’re adding a new windows like Right Click function Menu for items in the players backpack, belt or loot containers. The player simply needs to right click on an item and a popup menu displays showing a list of item related actions which include: Take, Craft, Equip, Use, Eat, Drink, Read, Examine, Scrap and Compare. We’re also doing many smaller usability enhancements that just make the game a lot easier to play and learn.

Integrate Steam Networking – We’re adding, evaluating and integrating new Steam Networking code and are optimistic we will gain performance, stability and more reliable Nat punch through

Server Browser Enhancements – We’re integrating better server stat options that are easier to read as well as integrating a new server filtering system, icon tips and scrolling

If all goes well these could possibly make the list as well. 

New Armor System – Inspired by our new gun system we’re will also be working on new armor system where the player can craft or find in loot Leather and Iron armor pieces with 6 quality ranges including damaged, poor, average, great, flawless and legendary. Once the player reads the associated book or accumulates the minimum skill points he can begin crafting the lowest level leather or iron armor. To craft the higher tiered armor the player must either boost his skills or find higher tiered armor through looting.

Drivable Minibike –We’re adding a drivable minibike. Players must gain mechanical knowledge through books and skills and then find parts to craft and assemble a chassis, break and throttle cable, small engine, gas tank and more.

New Localization System – We’re integrating a new Spreadsheet based localization system allowing much easier multi-language support for in game items, crafting, dialogue, tips, in game help journal and quests.

Improved Random World Generation – We’re improving the random gen pathing system to allow vertical cutting as well as tunnels and a more robust town code.

You can get all the info here on the official website at