Hey Survivalist, great news! The Fun Pimps are still hard at work to keep improving 7 days to die. Joel Huenink co-owner, let us know on his blog that even with Alpha 11 out, they have began working on Alpha 12.

“We branched the other day and most of us are getting going on Alpha 12. The mini bike and motion captured animations for zombies are high on the list along with quality ranges on clothing, bows and other tools. There is a lot more but I will reveal those when I have something to look at other than a design schematic. We’re still working on the alpha 11 branch with some fixes and improvements as well. -Joel  Huenink co-owner of the Fun Pimps”

If you were sad that the mini bike didn’t make it into the latest patch, you wont be for long. From what Joel said, we still have a chance to see it in the next Alpha patch. I still have mixed emotions about the mini bike because it could really affect the game play. I know that it was said that the mini bike would be very difficult to obtain in the  first place so I guess that could help. But, say you join a server where players are much higher level and they use this mini bike to pick the world clean before you. What do you guys think?


The Pimps already added  new motion capturing for the zombies in A11; and it was a nice touch. The first time I came across one standing in the distance jerking about like you would see in 28 days later really freaked me out; so adding more will be great! I like the different grades of clothing, but it might be nice to see just different styles too. Still, this is all great news and I can’t wait to see what the “A lot more” is. Tell us what you guys think about the direction 7 days to die is taking. Do you think they should be doing more? Perhaps you think they should work on some more of the goals that were mentioned in kickstarter? Or do you think the performance improvements have really stepped up the game?

As always I look forward to more updates and more surprises from the team at The Fun Pimps. This has been a well invested pre-Alpha game for myself and I am sure many others. For more information on 7 Days to die head on over to their official website 7daystodie.com and keep looking for more updates right here on PowerLeveled.