Hey Survivalist, it looks like Fun Pimps are still hard at work on Alpha 12 and Joel “MadMole” Huenink, is at it again feeding us little niblets of info from his tumbler. Some really great news is that after many, many requests they are fixing the menu and inventory systems. First off they have added a right click menu that will give us the ability to do whatever we want regarding an item. Judging from the image above, you can craft, eat, scrap, and even compare. Now before you look and say damn there are to many choices, Joel tells us that they will cut out all the things you can’t do with an item to help speed things up. Something long awaited is they have added some shortcut keys that are similar to minecraft and many other voxel based games, Shift click is finally here. We will finally be able to shift click items in a storage chest and it will transfer the items to your pack or back to the chest. Shift right click will split a stack, Ctrl click will grab just one.  Stacking issues will become a thing of the past when you put a stack of 350 onto a stack of 200 and the stack limit is 500 it will fill that stack to its limit and leave the remaining in you mouse cursor. Also good news when crafting items will be pulled from your smallest stack first. All of this is great news to help optimize storage. I can’t count how many hours I have spent trying to organize my stash while at the same time trying my best to keep quiet and hide from the flesh eating horde outside my base.

Skylines and weather are becoming a pretty big deal in Alpha 12. With the recent upgrade to Unity 5 and learning its newest features making  7 Days to Die as real looking as possible while keeping performance in mind has been a big priority.  Joel did hint that we “might” see rain, well his exact words were “it looks like rain” so with luck we might actually get to see variable weather in Alpha 12. This could be a real game changer to me the game has been great but the idea of running around at night and it starts to rain making visibility even more difficult will be fantastic. I foresee zombies scaring the crap out of us at every turn.

Here are a few screens showing the new sunset.

It looks like the minibike equipped with additional storage is in the works and with luck will make it to Alpha 12 also. In the video below you can see Joel craft the mini bike. He did say they have not worked out the animations for riding it yet but it is rideable. Something else that is fantastic to go along with the rubble system we talked about before is the new block physics also just released in the preview video. Each block now has its own physics system and will tumble to a resting point where it will turn into rubble. I am sure with time they will make the transformation to rubble a lot smoother looking. Last but not least we get to see the bear in action with the new ragdoll system. Again all great new additions to a fun game.

As always I look forward to more updates and more surprises from the team at The Fun Pimps. This has been a well invested pre-Alpha game for myself and I am sure many others. For more information on 7 Days to die head on over to their official website 7daystodie.com and keep looking for more updates right here on PowerLeveled.