So it looks like the good folks at The Fun Pimps are hard at work pumping out yet another patch for us. This is setting a pace for their average around every 2 weeks it only goes to show that they are hard at work to make a favorable game for us. So what did we get this go around you ask? Well it looks like a lot of bug fixes, new improvements and a few requests including: A new anti cheat mode for all the multi-player pvp servers out there where they have embraced the VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) mode, New stand alone dedicated servers to help make it that much easier to enjoy the game with lots of your friends, Upgrades for wood fort spikes, some loot tuning, and a heap of the player requested bug fixes.

Note: To download the dedicated server program simply open your steam client go to your Library/tools and click on 7daystodie follow the install instructions and your good to go.

One thing to remember is that this game is still in alpha and you will run into issues with your previous games the Devs do their best for us to keep using out existing worlds but from time to time the builds are not compatible and we are forced to start a new world such is life when you play an early accesses game. One thing they suggest is to always back up your saves and they are now keeping the the last stable update available for us to re-download if were not ready to give up that world just yet.

Here is how you do it.

1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ – select ‘Alpha 8.6 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 8.6
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version

Here is also a detailed list of all the improvements and changes that were made in this latest update.

Official Alpha 8.7 Release Notes


  • Added: several new measures to deter cheaters including turning on Valve Anti Cheat and have begun processing cheaters. Servers have the option to run VAC true or false.
  • Added: a new standalone Dedicated server software accessible to anyone who has purchased the game. You can find it in your steam client under Library/Tools/7 Days to Die Dedicated Server. Note: Client run coop will always be supported but Client run Dedicated servers will only be supported for a few weeks.. Server providers should run, test and migrate over to the new standalone server as soon as possible.
  • Added: integrated NGUI 3 to the game in preparation for vector fonts in the next release.
  • Added: new southwest adobe wall blocks and wedges in white, peach and tan wall. They also include variants with interior walls and trims
  • Added: Loot group “seeds” so as we add more plantable crops to the game it’s easy to implement them into the loot system
  • Added: upgradable trunk tips and trunks
  • Added: Drop Ceiling02 black ceiling for clubs and theaters
  • Added: Ban now allows using steam ID to ban, does not require them to be on the server
  • Added: If banned steam id is on the server it will kick them when banned
  • Added: VAC Warning when joining a server with VAC Enabled


  • Changed: Removed ‘Suicide’ button
  • Changed: Chainsaws and augers are easier to find
  • Changed: removed the suicide button in the normal game mode. It’s now a debug mode option only
  • Changed: distribution of “low probability” ores like lead and potassium nitrate to occur more often in the ground
  • Changed: the terrain textures now use the asset bundles
  • Changed: moved some textures into external bundles. The dedi only build doesn’t include these textures now
  • Changed: removed old block cacti
  • Changed: stability glue of cloth so it’s more stable
  • Changed: improved performance on dropped items (simpler collision checks)
  • Changed: English.txt updating all new items
  • Changed: Bush1 the green bush that yields sticks in the plains is now a bit bigger to allow it to be seen better
  • Changed: removed old redundant “lit campfire” block id 856
  • Changed: femur has durability and breaks
  • Changed: increased durability of all wooden clubs
  • Changed: increased chance of finding garbage in houses instead of hero loot containers
  • Changed: increased chance to find empty jars than food in cupboards
  • Changed: greater chance to find garbage on roads instead of backpacks
  • Changed: added more deer and rabbits to the biomes but slowed the re-spawn delay significantly
  • Changed: Improved water art
  • Changed: over 96 blocks now drop scrap Iron when destroyed
  • Changed: Decreased lower cupboard and stove loot from 1-2 to 0 to 2 items
  • Changed: Increased spawn time for deer to re-spawn to approximately 8 days
  • Changed: Sped up daytime zombie alerted approach speed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: height collision on cacti
  • Fixed: zombies descending on hills don’t pirouette anymore
  • Fixed: Dogs should not clip through player
  • Fixed: cactuses don’t do damage
  • Fixed: can’t pick up some small rocks
  • Fixed: Window01 white and window02 collision
  • Fixed: bird nests and small trash being hard to loot
  • Fixed: bug where ammo and gasoline get consumed from your inventory by other people in MP
  • Fixed: bug when player is dehydrated and eats an item that lowers hydration further the stamina drain sound loops forever
  • Fixed: sound fade in on planes
  • Fixed: Can’t walk up a player placed dirt slope
  • Fixed: bug where TNT explodes twices
  • Fixed: placing a sleeping bag at some rotations allows half of it to be picked up
  • Fixed: trigger radius of landmines we’re too small
  • Fixed: in SP the DropOnQuit option was taken from the last MP game
  • Fixed: a lot of sounds issues when joining dedicated server
  • Fixed: Lumber Jack Digging, was broken
  • Fixed: bug that trunk blocks were not destroyable
  • Fixed: crash when flying in and out of police station
  • Fixed: players and crates are not affected by View Distance
  • Fixed: Terrain decoration on dead shrub so it doesn’t float on hills sometimes
  • Fixed: Terrain decoration on trash so it doesn’t float on hills sometimes
  • Fixed: pole blocks can now be burned for firewood
  • Fixed: other player names render on top of the crafting tarp
  • Fixed: bug where using water buckets you can break doors
  • Fixed: BannedUntil wasn’t being properly checked against server time


  • Added: a console “saveworld” command for dedis to be able to save the current state of a world
  • Added: a simple Zombie Performance Limiter as a GamePref so server providers can set this limit manually setup the default to 60 Added: VACEnabled GamePref Valve Anti-Cheat defaults to enabled. This will start tracking for any trainers or cheats that a client might be using when playing on a VAC enabled server.

Thanks again for all the hard work The Fun Pimps and I look forward to see what you have in store for us next.

remember all this and much more info can be found at