That’s right survivalist 7 Days to die is back with another patch update and just like they promised The Fun Pimps are always had at work trying to make the best Zombie survival game out there.  This patch is loaded with lots of good stuff like 7th day zombie feral attacks, new zombie biome spawning system, new grass land biome, and even a new large hotel location. There were also a hand full of useful bug fixes and a few minor changes to again help improve the game. Also in other news 7 Days to Die hit the half million players mark this week. That’s awesome considering all the competition for this market out there today.

7DtD Horde

Personally I’m looking forward to the the tweeks they have made to the zombies. The new zombie biome spawning will be very cool for setting up the initial base camp. Basically if you kill off all the zombies in an area they will not respawn for 5 days but on the 7th day the feral zombie attacks start and this is were it gets good. What happens is on the 7th day they are so hungry that they hone in on your location no matter how well you are hidden forcing you into survival mode for a day and night. This will gradually get more intense until the 7th week. A side note even if you kill off all the zombies in the are the roaming horde’s of zombies can still possibly make their way into your zone and give you a good scare or one hell of a fight.


So there is a ton of other things and I could go on forever but instead I posted the full patch notes here for you. Thanks again everyone try to stay alive until next patch where I will be here to fill you in on all the juicy details.


Official Alpha 9.2 Release Notes


  • Added new early version of Easy Anti-Cheat system that is a server option. If server has anti-cheat Vac enabled you cannot connect to it with a modified DLL. If you want to use your modified DLL as a client the server must have anti-cheat disabled. Modified DLLs on servers are possible with anti-cheats on. If you want to join anti-cheat enabled servers you will need to use stock DLLs only as a client. Hopefully no more TNT fists of fury!
  • Added Biome Zombie Spawning masks. Clear an area of zombies and that area will not spawn zombies again for about 5 days. This gives the player time to build a fort. It is not a free pass from wandering hordes or noise triggered hordes. It also forces the player to travel to hunt as you clean an area from animals.
  • Added new zombie pathing system. It’s just an early start to a grander scheme but zombies don’t weave back and forth as much and path straighter, they will only walk off a ledge from a certain height and can get through doors easily now. We still need to improve staircase and long distance pathing and they will occasionally spin but not as often.
  • Added feral night hordes. Once per week or every 7th night zombies get really hungry and become feral. These feral night hordes can sense players and will find them regardless of how well they are hiding. Every week the horde grows in numbers until the 7th week.
  • Added new grasslands biome formerly the plains with 4 new grasses, new sky spectrum, ground texture and tree and changed plains decorations to look more like Arizona and less like kansas
  • Added a new large hotel never before seen to the random gen spawn list. You can find it in desert, plains, forest and pine forest biomes along roads
  • Added new large hotel to Navezgane Desert
  • Added sham sandwich
  • Added new 9mm Pistol
  • Added new random gen map thumbnail and description
  • Added coffee farming
  • Added english.txt entry for Sham Sandwich
  • Added sparse corn plants to the plains
  • Added hwy_overpass_sign prefab
  • Added billboard trussing
  • Added recipe to make books from paper
  • Add weights to various metal objects so they can be melted down or they drop scrap iron when destroyed


  • Changed the walk speed of one walk type, the cripple looking walk with the long stride. These guys and gals are annoyingly fast now so you have no time to loot any more
  • Changed automotive loot now guarantees auto loot, with a chance to find one tool, and a chance to find one junk item
  • Changed added stone axe to tool group list and moved claw hammer to rare tools list
  • Changed added wood planks to junk loot list
  • Changed reduced chance of finding random biome loot like trash or backpacks
  • Changed food poisoning does damage over time and more stamina damage
  • Changed moldy Bread and rotten flesh have a chance to cause food poisoning
  • Changed rotten flesh has a chance of causing infection if you eat it
  • Changed zombies no longer drop cans of food but possibly rotten food or flesh
  • Changed reduced chance of finding complete firearms in backpacks. Backpacks now guarantee a food item, with a chance for weapons or parts, a chance for melee weapon and a chance for an armor or clothing item
  • Changed cars now guarantee one auto part and have a chance to drop a tool and a junk item
  • Changed zombies no longer drop cans of food but possibly rotten food or flesh
  • Changed reduced chance of finding complete firearms in backpacks. Backpacks now guarantee a food item, with a chance for weapons or parts, a chance for melee weapon and a chance for an armor or clothing item
  • Changed cars now guarantee one auto part and have a chance to drop a tool and a junk item
  • Changed scaled coal texture to be smaller
  • Changed stone and potassium nitrate textures
  • Changed Random Gen Description in English.txt
  • Changed farming. You no longer have to plant near water. Crops also grow at a consistent speed which is in seconds. They still require sunlight and fertile soil (hoe’d or recently placed)
  • Changed Less aggressive “snap to terrain” code to avoid doubling of terrain blocks
  • Changed sledgehammer is now gated by the home maintenance book vol II
  • Changed moved hunting rifle parts from misc to resources group
  • Changed redid metal pole texture


  • Fixed typo of army camps so Wilderness is spelled correctly and should show up in Random Gen
  • Fixed shotguns are not triggering death animations on zombies if it was a one shot kill when connected to a dedicated server
  • Fixed over 40 prefabs that had the wrong township flag or type in the random gen prefabs.xml. This was causing some of them not to show up in Random Gen
  • Fixed army camps xmls so wilderness was spelled correctly causing them to not show up in random gen
  • Fixed housetanpyrmid2 name removing space causing it to not show in random gen
  • Fixed problem that the “snap to terrain” changes have not been transferred to a connected server
  • Fixed static spawner y offset being incorrect so prefabs with ground or basement were not spawning zombies in random gen
  • Fixed It is no longer possible to contract dysentery when you have advanced dysentery
  • Fixed can burn trunk tips and wood pillars
  • Fixed Stability of roof in Barn_03 prefab
  • Fixed shortened english.txt longer recipe names to fit and got rid of Camel Cased words
  • Fixed Gave coolers terrain decoration flag


  • EAC will be on if the serverconfig.xml file has VACEnabled set to True like the line below
  • <property name=”VACEnabled” value=”true”/>  <!– Enables/Disables Valve Anti Cheat –>

Known Issues

  • 32 bit Operating Systems can run out of memory sometimes. We’re still optimizing this.
  • Zombies and animals will still occasionally spin in circles but not as often we are still working on this

Playing Old Versions

We’re also making the last stable older builds available to re download so here’s how you do it.
1. Open your steam client.
2. Click on Games/View Games Library
3. Right click ‘7 Days to Die’ and select properties
4. From the new popup dialogue box select the ‘BETAS’ Tab
5. Under ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into’ like  – select ‘Alpha 9.1 Stable’
6. The game will then update and download Alpha 9.1 Stable
7. Switching back to the latest version is as easy as repeating steps 1-4 and on step 5 choose the option ‘None – Opt out of all Beta Programs’ and you’ll revert to the latest version


Patch notes courtesy of 7 Days to die