Thanks to Joel Huenink, co-owner of The Fun pimps, and his amazing updates, we now know they are working on a new rubble system for Alpha 12.

Basically most all blocks have a high chance convert to some kind of scrapped version of themselves, like concrete turns into rubble, metal turns into scrap metal piles, and wood will turn into scrap wood. –Joel Huenink

I can see this working to make the game much more interesting and adding to the realism of the game. It will make gathering supplies a little more difficult because you can’t just break down a block pick it up and move it. You will need to now gather the supplies and craft something new. Something I noticed in Joel’s comment is that wood can become scrap wood; this is completely new. In the current build of the game anything wood broken down either disappears or is just movable, but for the most part is just disappears. Another fine point from the video is that auger has a quality grade and durability. This will be a nice touch for trading in the future where higher level crafters on servers can barter for their goods. As always leave comments with your thoughts on the direction 7 Days to Die is growing.  Are you happy with these changes or do you feel that the developers are heading off into left field?

Down below is a video giving you an example of this new system.

As always I look forward to more updates and more surprises from the team at The Fun Pimps. This has been a well invested pre-Alpha game for myself and I am sure many others. For more information on 7 Days to die head on over to their official website and keep looking for more updates right here on PowerLeveled.