Hey Survivalist! With all the new changes in Alpha 13 we are seeing a very different game since its pre-alpha launch over two years ago. Sitting at the focus of the latest version, one thing that has become progressively more challenging is crafting. Despite a few bugs, the system itself has added a new measure of challenge by leaving behind the Minecraft-style and adopting more of an MMO feel.

Before A-13 the latest addition was recipe books, teaching you how to craft rather than having you learn the hard way, then came skill points – but The Fun Pimps are not stopping there. With this patch, look forward to an all-new Forge system where you can load supplies and leave them to cook up new goodies. Thanks to some minor changes, you can let the forge do the work while you’re out battling hordes of flesh eating Zeds. Joel Huenink, aka “Mad Mole”, just shared with us on his Tumblr the “work bench” as well. Using the work bench will not require a recipe to build, but like the forge you will be able to load it up and leave your crafting while you’re out. Atop these changes, another nice treat in the picture below is a new baby cement mixer. Mad Mole didn’t give up too many details in his latest post but it’s great to see this awesome addition.

Historically in 7 Days to Die, each of these operations could take a considerably longer time to execute alone. Given the addition of some recent AI changes on the back-end, we’ll need to build up our fortresses faster and stronger than ever before, and with these new working changes in the 7 Days to Die Alpha, we might finally catch up to the 100th day of survival. Good luck out there.

As always you can head over to the official website at 7daystodie.com or continue to check back here at Nerd Interests for all your Zombie survival needs.