Your boy Jack Trauma here and today I’m going to be talking about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance where you actually get to use a sword that cuts through stuff, and not this weird stick were all used to that looks like a sword, but doesn’t cut through anything in game EVER! So lets put our gloves and Yani music on, and dive right in.
The epic team of Konami and Kojima give us yet another awesome game in the Metal Gear series called Metal Gear Rising: Revengence! This chapter in the series takes place after Sons of Liberty (Another epic game you need in your life) and follows the Cyber Ninja known as Raiden. Our hero Raiden, picks up a bodyguard job and the game starts after a few cut scenes, i wont give anything away, cause there’s a special place in hell for people who write stuff about plot (Which unfortunately there isnt as much as other Metal Gear games and hurts its score), and do not note SPOILERS before you read…but i digress…
this takes you into the “Learning” phase on how to use Raiden’s signature weapon, the high-frequency blade. Which if you didn’t go through series signature area called VR training, that’s OK. One thing of note, one of the games catch phrases is “Cut everything”…you cannot cut EVERYTHING and I understand why you cant cut everything, there would be people getting over zealous and cutting everything in site with no way to move forward in game, but still…
Metal Gear Rising has an awesome setup for Raiden’s weapons and how you use them, but there is a slight learning curve on how to you use them. Most will die a lot at the beginning, but after you get it down, you WILL cut your enemies down into little tiny pieces (the more, the better score, true story)! This is a unique feature called Blade-Mode where time will slow down to a crawl for you, and you choose where your slices are going for a crazy new way of strategically killing your enemies, a feature I have yet to see in ANY game. The only bad thing about this system is that sometimes, when your in certain spots in game and you use this feature, the camera decides its going to give you a funky view, and your view is now blocked by a trashcan, or a car so now your cuts arn’t going where you’d like them to go. Now due to the awesome style of this and other features in the game, stealth has kind of gone bye-bye here, as its not the focal point of the game as much as it is in other Metal Gear games, which was kind of a let down to me. Anyone who’s played Metal Gear games knows Raiden, being the cyber ninja he is, LOVED his stealth suit, and used it…ALOT, so not having it be important in the game kinda takes away from the Raiden feel, but its all made up by having some of the most epic slice and dice fights (think Devil May Cry sword skill flow) you’ve seen in a Metal Gear game all while being set to the the sultry sounds of the most epic cyber metal music I think i’ve ever heard!
This brings me to the most epic boss fights! These fights are something I personally have been missing for a LONG time and are so well crafted that they are tough, in the sense that you just want to take it all in, but you cant…or you’ll die! The fights evolve as you get through the boss’s hp and become more difficult the closer to death they become, which keeps you on your toes because their strategy changes on how it wants to destroy you and forces you to change up your gameplay and strategies or again…it will kill you! These fights get better and better as you go through the game and are constantly testing you on your mastery of the controls, and will force you to use not only your Blade-Mode, but your normal attacks and movement as well so that your constantly moving and not staying in one place all the time, exploiting some glitch or soft spot where it cant reach you, but you can reach it.
So with very few things actually hurting the game this was an awesome game to pick up for me, now is it worth the $60 pricetag? Nah, I would say don’t pay any more then $40 for it with its five to six hours of gameplay (with cutsceens). Now if it had multi-player/co-op mode or more story and camera angle fixes to it i could see maybe pushing it to $50 but there really wasn’t enough for that kind of price, don’t get me wrong, the game play and sheer epicness of not only the music and flow of the game but the glorious fights that are somewhat reminiscent of a really awesome samurai anime more then make it worth it as a rental your a used purchase. So for me the game definitely scores an 8/10. Thanks alot Kojima, and I hope you stick with making some of the greatest stealth games ever created!