Originally breaking out at Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9 in 2013 and featured at Evolution, Lethal League is an insanely addicting, heart pounding change to the typical fighting game landscape. Given an official release date and trailer, Lethal League is ready to break out and become an independent giant in the industry.

Featuring High performance online GGPO multiplayer, Lethal League is designed for low latency with “Good Game Peace Out” middleware built in. Capable of hosting four simultaneous players, Lethal League boasts “no weak shit” and lives up to it with a progressive pace and unique fighting style. In Lethal League, fists don’t fly – projectiles do. With every successful hit on a neutral projectile, the match moves rapidly forward. Combatants can choose to hit the ball or simply dodge, but a diagonal hit of the ball can send it sailing at twice the speed it moved before on a path of destruction.

If you have what it takes to compete in the League, you can pick it up on Steam on August 27th or play the prototype on their official website right now. [two player combat is local only]